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Antheia 2011 - Photo Galley
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2011 Antheia Bottle Two Tanks 2 Sunrise Harvest Morning berries 5 Hyrdometer 3 Bottling Line 3 Rob and Pallet Pallet Bottling Machine 2 Bottling Machine Labeling Machine Barrels 3 Barrels 2 Topping Tank Topping Keg Lab Equiptment Barrel Racks and Press Barrel Rack Press 9 Press 8 Pneumatic Pump Fork Lift Torpedo Two Tanks 2013 Artesy Antheia ready for harvest Press 6 Destemmer 8 Destemmer 6 Destemmer 5 Press 4 Lab on a September Sunday 2 Lab on a September Sunday Sorting Table and De-Stemmer 2 Syrah Berries Sorting Table and De Stemmer Stainless Cellar fittings 2014 Antheia Fermentation Manual Punch down Hydrometer Artesy Harvest bins Sunrise September 11, 2014 Red Willow 32 Chappel Hill Block Refractometer Artesy Block 1b High Desert next to Red Willow Vineyard Artesy Block 1 Pump Over Inside the press Artesy block at Red Willow Grape bin Harvest Crew Tank 2 Racking3 Racking2 racking pump over 2 Press 1a Press Press 3 2013 Artesy Antheia Punch Down Sept 13 2013 Artsy Antheia Trailer 2013 Artesy Antheia Boomer the vineyard dog 2013 Artesy Antheia vine 2 2013 Artesy Antheia grape vine 2013 artesy Antheia vineyard 3 2013 Artesy Antheia tag 2013 Artesy Antheia vineyard 1 2013 Artesy Antheia Fruit 2 2013 Artesy Antheia New and Old Tank 2013 Artesy Antheia Tanks 2 2013 Artesy Antheia sunrise 2013 Red Willow Northwest Corner 2013 Artesy Antheia Fruit 4 2013 Artesy Antheia Harvest Artesy Antheia 2013 Fruit 2 2013 Artesy Antheia fruit in Bins Washington Wine Desteeming Antheia Red Willow 31 Red Willow 25 Red Willow 18 Red Willow 16 Red Willow 15 Red Willow 14 Red Willow 9 Red Willow 8 ARTESY Antheia EXPORT USA V3 Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012o Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012m Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012l Washington Syrah racing 06-21-2012k Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012j Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012i Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012h Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012f Washington Syrah racking 06-21-2012d Washington Syrah Racking 06-12-2012 Washington Syrah Racking 06-21-2012 Artesy Barrels2 Barrel with Bull Dog Racking Am2 Ozone Machine Temporary Storage Bin being Sanatized and Ozoned Barrel with Bull Dog Racking Wand Sorting Table New Tank 3 Les Collines 1 Red Willow 3 Red Willow 2 Red Willow 1 jquery lightbox image size by v5.7m

Robert Blasier

Alex Tanguy

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