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Héméra 2010 - Photo Galley
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2010 Hemera Bottle Press 3 Alex and Torpedo Pyrenes near Trois Orris 7 Pyrenees near Trois Orris 4 Rob and Tank 2 Tank and Gas bottle Tank and Berries 3 Tank and Berries 2 Tank and Berries 1 Destemmer Roman Aqueduct 2 Roman Auqeduct Tanks and Trois Orris Press trois orris 2012 tractor Alex pointing the way Rob and Refractometer Alex and Refractometer Rob and TanK Alex and Tank Racking Alex and Basket Cake Punch Down Alex and Hydrometer Hemera Grapes in Tank Berries Carmany 3 Carmany 2 Pyrenees near Trois Orris 2 Pyrenees near Trois Orris Rob and Alex Trois Orris Grapes Trois Orris Vineyard 2 Destemmer 1 2012 Hemera bottling. Barrels 1 Press Cake Emptying fermentation tank Press 1 Trois Orris Hyrdometer 2 Trois Orris Hyrodmeter Paristalic Pump trois orris 2012 caramany trois orris peristalic pump trois orris 2012 tank Trois Orris 2012 Harvest 4 Trois Orris 2012 Harvest 3 Trois Orris 2012 Harvest 2 Trois Orris 2012 Syrah  Vineyard ARTESY 2010 Hemera Single Label v1 Hemera 2010 b Hemera 2010 a 3 Orris 2012 New barrel racks in Renault Express Alex and Tank 2 Barrel and Truck Barrel in Truck Draining Barrel Basket Press Express with wine boxes Express with press LIWF 2012 Artesy Bottle Alex in Chair 3 Orris October 2010 4 3 Orris October 2010 3 Borde Veille October 2010 Alex Borde Vieille New Tank 3 Borde Vieille October 2010 2 3 Orris October 2010 2 Pallet of Artesy Wine Artesy Pallet 1 First Artesy Pallet Rob and Tank 3 Alex in Vineyard picture-110 Artesy 7 Artesy 6 Artesy 5 Artesy 4 Artesy 3 Artesy 2 Artesy 1 Express with barrels in back Rob at Borde Vieille3 Express with grapes Rob in Tank Rob at Borde Vieille2 My Renault Express jquery lightbox image size by v5.7m

Robert Blasier

Alex Tanguy

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